Above the rest

The following photo is an aerial view of the Chena, River in Fairbanks, Alaska.


A story from last winter…

I walked 50 yards with no coat on in chest high snow with the temperatures hovering around -7 F holding in my GoPro Karma Drone in my hand to capture photo’s of the Chena River. When I finally got to a stopping point I literally had no place for the drone to take off from other than chest high snow. The things you have to do I kept telling myself and when it comes to getting that shot or photograph my mindset is go for it. Then I backed up a little bit on the snow path I had created and cleared a spot so that the drone could take off. The drone was able to take off with no issues other than my mental health. That’s when the worrying begins and odds maker in Las Vegas start collect money for bets that were place on whether this drone comes back safely or not. Does he crash the drone in the river or snow bank? I had crashed the drone into a fence at a high rate of speed earlier in the winter so the anxiety was still present in the back of mind if I was going to have any issues or not. There are things you have to worry about when flying a drone especially in Alaska, where you may not be able to recover the drone until the snow melts or lose it forever, and the cost of having to replace mine was weighing on mind. Luckily I didn’t have any issues on this day. After flying the drone for about 10 minutes I was able to safely land it on the path I cleared earlier in the snow and ended up with some amazing shots.

Never regret taking chances and be open to the possibilities that surround you. What comes out of those opportunities may be something that leads you to do greater things in your life. You will never know unless you try…

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