Go forth Into the Wild

I know what your thinking he looks nothing like Chris McCandless a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp right? 


Your absolutely right! I’m not Chris McCandless and no this isn’t the movie Into the Wild based on one man’s cross-country journey to Alaska. This actually isn’t even the bus that he lived in before he ultimately paid the price dying alone in the wilderness of Alaska. Let’s just say this replica bus was used in the movie Into the Wild and saves you from having to hike many miles to the actual place, where the bus resides or even worse meet the same fate as Chris McCandless. Countless people try every year to visit the actual site and some have to be rescued either because they weren’t prepared for the journey, high river flow or due to weather conditions. This particular replica bus is located off the Parks Highway in Healy, Alaska at a popular tourist destination the 49th State Brewery. 

The one thing that I learned from Chris McCandless is you don’t need to find a bus to have a proper adventure it’s just part of your maiden journey in life. Whatever you choose to do in life treat it as your first attempt. You may fail many times before you finally get it right but treat it like it’s your first attempt. When we start counting wins and losses the only thing you are doing is defeating your ego. If you are a driven person you will pick yourself up and try again. Don’t be afraid of failure let fear guide you and be your friend in life. The human spirit is resilient and can quickly overcome failure, but not without effort on your part. What will you do on your first attempt? Now go forth Into the Wild…


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