My thirst to follow the light

It is the simple things in life that we all sometimes miss or take for granted. I was that individual once always missing the signs that were starring me in the face, but I refuse to see because I was blinded. It really took me picking up a camera over a year ago to start seeing again. When you look through a camera lens you notice the small things. After awhile it becomes ingrained in your real vision and becomes second nature seeing the smaller things in life that for most people seem unimportant or trivial. For me it was the ability to read the skies. My thirst for capturing sunrises and sunsets became a race against time or a competition against nature on a good day. The skies tell you a lot about where you might end up if you follow the signs. It’s almost like navigating a raft through rough waters one mistake your a goner or the wrong turn down a back road leads you to missing that award winning photographic in National Geographic. What signs do you follow when you deal with time and nature? Take some time out of your life to start seeing the smaller picture instead of the bigger picture. It’s the things we miss that we sometimes end up regretting the most.

2 thoughts on “My thirst to follow the light

  1. An inspiring writing. I always amaze how wonderful and perfect the flowers are while capturing them and this helps me think we can be wonderful too if we follow our listen our insticts and be loyal to who we are.


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