A Denali to remember



I was able to travel the Denali Lottery Road this past summer off the Parks Highway heading toward Anchorage in Denali State National Park. It is a 92 mile long road that is only open to the public a few times a year with a pass, but generally you only see tourists being bused into this area. I’ve never seen so much beauty in my life. The freedom I felt that day traveling to see Mount Denali was like I had my own part in the Into The Wild movie. This day made an impact of my budding photography career and help bring out the creative juices or inspired me to become leaps and bounds over the best. I’m far from perfect in this world, but I’m striving to be better. One day I will catch you. You are just another step on the ladder step within my reach.

4 thoughts on “A Denali to remember

    1. The road ends at mile 92 then you have to turn around and go back it’s a good six hour journey to and from adding stops along the way adding more time to your adventure. I was stopping every few seconds it seemed because it’s truly like untouched natural beauty. I saw moose and bears as well as other wildlife too. But the scenery was the the most breathtaking part of the journey quite magical.

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